Security research

Thanks for stopping by. I was a software engineer and now I’m diving into infosec.

New device security basics: windows laptop

⚠️This is not comprehensive. There are other better guides. This is more for me.⚠️ Windows Windows is at the top because I’m always rebuilding a Windows machine. My latest rebuild was becasue, for no real reason– Windows Installer decided it could no longer bear to install Windows programs. And it’s faster to rebuild then debug. In fact, I can feel the instalation of Windows I’m typing on now crumble as you read this....

September 5, 2021

Moving to security from development

It’s not early in my career but security is the opportunity of the decade. That’s why I’m willing to pay the price to respec into security. My professoinal background I’m not staritng from 0. Here’s some important context about my career journey: tech industry for ~10 years worked at: startup-ups, high-growths, large institutions worked as: Front-end, “Fullstack”, Devops mostly working with: Javascript and Ruby...

September 1, 2021